About me

Welcome to my website! I am Gustavo Ariel Barroni, a professional artist and senior graphic designer with more than 17 years of field experience. I am currently based in Berlin, Germany.
I initially obtained my BA in design at the J.F. Kennedy University for then through continued art classes and studying with great artists like Eoin Llewellyn, Ignacio Castro and others, I strengthened and enlarged my understanding on mediums and techniques which allowed me to hone my art style, on pair with my knowledge and work experience.

I feel very grateful to be working in fields like internet, advertising and publishing, having a particular attention to the figurative, artistic storytelling. My personal style of work doesn’t find itself limited by a specific technique. I enjoy working both traditional as digital mediums, since I believe in having a wide flexibility for making projects a reality. 

If you would like to have high quality prints of my work or in other media, you can purchase them through these online stores: Society6 or RedBubble

Inspired by classic and contemporary artists as well, I like to balance known elements with fantastic concepts to create a pictorial world of powerful fictions full of emotion, intrigue and imagination, which can captivate, inspire and transport the viewer instantly into other worlds. 
It is exactly there, where ideas are born, where you will always find me with a profound professional focus bringing through creativity every project to life.


I have worked and collaborated together with: