Frequently Asked

Printed media and originals

Are your originals for sale?
Yes, please feel free to send me an inquiry about the piece/s you might be interested in.

Where can I buy prints or your art applied on various media?
You can purchase prints or other articles with my art printed onto them through these online stores:
Society6 or RedBubble

The print I received looks different than online. Why is that?
What is normally seen on screen, will never look the same once printed. It depends on the printing process and the used surfaces, but essentially the range of colors on the compositions reacts differently on their values and tones of "light" (the computer's monitor) and the inks applied onto any king of material. That's why all the images are carefully worked beforehand, to try to avoid this effect as maximum as possible. But please always expect a slight reasonable difference of color/tone.


I represent an agency, company, institution, or artist, can I work with you?
Yes. I've collaborated with many different people, and my aim is continue doing so. So, no matter the project you might have in your hands, please contact me so we can see it trough.

Do you accept private commissions?
Yes, but it will always depend on the amount of work that can be currently on my plate, which means it's not so often due to publishing times and/or previously defined projects's deadlines.

What are your rates and which form of payment do you accept?
Rates always varies in a creative profession and they're based on many factors, from the technique and time employed, the size, the client, and where and how widely the use of the final piece will be. To define the terms and payment, please get in contact with an offer as clear as you can manage it to be, so a quote can be mutually agreed.
I accept payments though common bank transfers and PayPal as well.

Do you charge tax?
Yes, I locally generate an invoice where the Value-Added Tax  (VAT) percentage will be added on top of the defined amount for the job. Not doing so, I will be facing to lose that amount myself on each transaction, since I'm required by German Law to turn in taxes as a registered freelancer. The percentage applied for german-based works will be of 19%, when for other countries will always depend on their local percentage for Value-Added Tax (VAT). 

Work process and technique

How long you normally spend to work on a project?
I work quickly, but this depends and varies from project to project and the selected media for the painting/illustration. The usual timeframe of work can fall into 1/3 weeks; within the first week working the initial roughs and sketches and getting the final composition approved, leaving the next two weeks to fully work and finish the painting. Anyways, due time constraints or revisions, this can always vary. My turnaround always adapts to the project, the technique used and strongly on the needs of the people I work with.

Which are the techniques you use to work, traditional or digital?
Both. I love to work with many techniques (from pencils, to ink, charcoals, digital paint, etc) but one of my favorite mediums is oil paint. But I first and foremost understand that each project/job is unique, so the used technique will always rely on the final intention of the project.

How is your step by step work method?
It usually starts with a strongly stablished communication with the people I will work with. This includes a clear direction of the intended composition, technique to be used, time schedule, etc. Then I do lots of research, based on the script and indications provided, specially for the required imagery (when needed, model's photo-references could be used). I start with loose sketches, small thumbnails that will define the future composition. This will turn into 1 or 2 clearer ideas (usually on digital paint), which are sent in order to see if it's on the right path.
Once defined the final composition, the painting process starts and based on the chosen technique will determine its duration. When worked on traditional mediums, I will photograph the finished work and arrange it digitally for its final use on print, internet, etc.
A detailed series of examples of step by step work-process can throughly see here, in my blog.